Málaga settings from Andaluz Blood

Málaga city is a beautiful mix of modern and traditional architecture, and the setting for a number of encounters by the main protagonist, Charles Hale, with criminals (both British and Spanish) in Andaluz Blood.

IMAG1010IMAG1009 IMAG1004

In my fiction writing, I often include evocative settings to add spice to the action and dialogue. Hale, for example, meets sailor and drug-runner, Jack Weir, at a tapería, and later, mafioso criminal, Berto Morillo, in a bodega near the famous theatre, Teatro Cervantes. I try to strike a balance, however, since these beautiful surrounding should never detract from the story.

IMAG1007These shots from a recent visit depict the atmospheric backstreets of the city and Antigua Casa de Guardia, a taberna founded in 1840 – well worth a visit if you’re in the city to sample Málaga wines and enjoy the atmosphere within the old rustic building.

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