Anglo-Spanish Blood

IMG_20150617_075319The idea for Andaluz Blood came about during a period when my life was a mix of countless trips on the c2c train service into London and flights to Andalucía, southern Spain. An odd mix indeed. Without going into the details, and a prolonged story of my strange existence, this enabled me to draw inspiration for the story.

I’m rather keen on tales of everyday people caught up in dire predicaments, as this seems to allow us to relate more readily to the protagonists.

A favourite example of mine from the film world is Frantic with Harrison Ford, whereby a doctor comes out of the shower in his Paris hotel room to find that his wife has disappeared. This film depicts how a seemingly ordinary story can develop nicely into a captivating thriller. In the book world, there are a number of recent examples including Gone Girl and The Girl on The Train – scenes of domesticity or commuting humdrum transformed into thrillers.


When travelling into London on the c2c, I observed the daily grind in action and made mental notes. Did all of these commuters lead conventional lives, or did some have complex, maybe darker, tales to tell? I have no doubt they did – things are rarely straightforward, no matter what impression people give or what they may say.


Similarly, in Andalucía, whilst staying on a marina, I observed local people in bars, out on the street, on their yachts. I also travelled into local villages and up into the mountains at various times of the day and night – making those mental notes. Indeed, all seemed civilised and pleasant for the most part, but there’s always something under the surface in any town or city in any part of the world.

If I need a bit of inspiration, I’ll often seek out a seedy bar and have a look around. The guy in the bar with the tattoos. He had a package. Maybe just a present for his girlfriend … but then, what did he pass to that other guy? And, so the story unfolds!

Thriller, Andaluz Blood, is available as an eBook or paperback


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