Walking from Loughborough to Asia for Baca Charity

Dear All

I’d like introduce you to a friend of mine, Dom a.k.a. Tiberius Russo and Alfie Butler. I met Alfie just briefly some weeks ago in Caffè Nero, Loughbourough – he was recovering from dentistry and, thus, was only able to garble a few words out about the duo’s venture, which entails walking from Loughborough (UK) to … wait for it … ASIA! Yes, Dom and Alfie are undertaking this ambitious and gruelling expedition for the Baca Charity who provide “specialist supported accommodation, independent living training and futures development for young forced migrants sixteen years and over.”dom-alfie-001I have known Dom for just over a year now through his invaluable work in assisting with the production of one of my films – in fact, without his involvement, and that of his family, the film would never have been shot. Dom and Alfie’s story is captured on their Facebook pages and blogs as they undertake this incredible trek. Although they make light of their adventures, with the colourful characters and places they visit, I think you’ll find that immense fortitude and conviction is required to undertake this journey in which they will inevitably face great hardships and challenges. With the above in mind, I do hope you find time to read and share their posts, and possibly also donate to the cause they are supporting (links below).

Go guys!
James Smith


Baca Charity

Long Walk Home – Facebook


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