Business and Sponsoring a Feature Film

The debut movie and future potential
A number of sponsors came on board for our debut feature film Do Something, Jake, which was shot in Loughborough. Although the World Premiere screening (Odeon) was held back in September 2018, the brand exposure is ongoing for those who supported the project.

‘Do Something, Jake’ was sponsored by ADT Taxis, Butterfly Life App, The Cedars Hotel & Restaurant and English Spirit Distillery. Pictured: Lead actor, Mia Mills [photo: Toby Johnson]

A debut is of course significant, however, it’s the next films by the filmmakers that should really be on the radar of businesses looking to gain most benefit. It is at this stage that all of the cumulative experience, contacts, media interest, and lessons learned, build towards a potential hit – and then the exposure and benefits can be considerable and long term.

In the case of Raya Films, this is particularly relevant to businesses in and around Loughborough due to the success of Do Something, Jake and the global appeal of the ‘smart horror’ genre of our next feature film, Surveilled. The time is now for local businesses to identify the talent and potential exposure offered by a feature film made in Loughborough, a town that, until now, has had little or no real track record in the movie industry. If, as we expect, the film attracts international sales interest, it’s unlikely that we’ll be hanging around too long, since finance for larger scale productions comes from London, European cities, and is for the most part driven by Hollywood.

The BIG genre
Mainstream films such as The Silence of the Lambs and more recently, Get Out, are examples of films that rely more on story, psychological elements and suspense, rather than blood and gore. Indeed Get Out proves the appetite for this type of movie, having been made for $4.5m (modest by Hollywood terms) and then grossing a whopping $255m at the box office – nicely leading on to additional revenue from online DVD/Blu-ray and other sources to come.

Surveilled sits squarely in this bracket of ‘saleable films’, which the movie business can readily package and sell. Furthermore, the screenwriting by Caroline Spence is proven and has already attracted the interest of large Hollywood producers. At Raya Films, we developed from nothing and are now moving forward with a crack team of filmmakers, who can make films on tiny budgets, and marketers who know the business. If ever there is a time for interested sponsors and investors in Loughborough and the Midlands to seize the moment, it is now.

Unprecedented. Shot entirely in Loughborough, feature film Do Something, Jake packed-out the Odeon to an enthralled audience.

Why should businesses sponsor Surveilled?
Let’s face it, many companies battle with image. If a product or service is unremarkable or simply part of our everyday lives, companies can often become overlooked as bland or uninteresting. Association with one of the most glamorous businesses in the world, however, can elevate that perspective and also prove to customers that the business owners are bold, forward-thinking, and simply do not settle for mediocrity and run-of-the-mill marketing. In addition, the release of a movie with all of the associated red carpet functions, competitions, and festivals is a great way to inspire staff who will look forward to significant milestones and glamorous parties, rather than ticking over until the next tax return.

The release of Do Something, Jake was entirely unexpected for the town of Loughborough, which until now, had no real film industry.

Remember that entry into the movie business is a tough endeavour with many barriers, most of which are financial. Millions are spent on product placement, sponsorship and financing deals simply to have some sort of exposure. We are accessible and can offer good product placement, brand exposure, and marketing without any significant outlay. This will change when we go up to the next level. Such deals will then be coordinated by a ‘marketing entertainment’ company who do the negotiations – and any sponsorship deals will be expensive.

Taking action
People are saying that we did the impossible with Do Something, Jake – to make a film on $0 and take it to enthusiastic theatrical audiences, win an award, be featured in the media and at festivals, and then to sign-up for global distribution. So, what is possible with Surveilled? With the above in mind, you may have guessed that we’re not thinking small!

– We’re 100% committed to producing an excellent film that will sell worldwide –

If you or your company would like to join Raya Films on this adventure for sponsorship, or perhaps as an associate/executive producer, do please check out the link below!

SURVEILLED MOVIE – Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page

James Smith
Film director at Raya Films


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