Crowdfunding for DO SOMETHING, JAKE theatrical release

An Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign has been launched to get my film Do Something, Jake onto the BIG SCREEN.

Help us to raise £2,000 GBP for a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) and BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) certificate so that we can hold the UK Premiere (September 2018 – Loughborough, UK) and subsequent screenings in the UK and worldwide.

[Update: at time of writing, we’re at 72% of reaching our goal!]

Click the CAMPAIGN LINK for full details of all the perks available and ways to support this unique no-budget feature film. Here’s the pitch video:

Thank you for your support!


Feature Film Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

I’m looking to raise a small budget to shoot a feature film in 2018 with highly talented writers, producers, cast, and crew. The screenplay is complete, and we’re ready to go into pre-production.My no-budget feature films Do Something, Jake and Agent Kelly will soon be released and now I’m looking to shoot an ultra-low budget feature film, a smart horror-thriller called SURVEILLED written by Caroline Spence

If you are a philanthropic individual or entrepreneur looking for a new challenge and/or marketing opportunities through feature film, please get in touch for full details.

I work with talented, motivated individuals looking to break new ground whilst also delivering commercially-targeted feature films. This will be one heck of a ride and an unforgettable experience for all involved. Help us to make another AWESOME movie, and join the premieres, red carpet buzz, and awards!

A serial killer is on the loose, a troubled man thinks he can identify him, and his psychiatrist has a personal connection with the case. Three interconnected characters, one deadly interaction.


Surveilled is a study in psychological manipulation and the perception of justice.

Joe Brooke has dark interests. He’s turned his obsession with horror movies into a paid job by writing reviews and articles on the latest gory releases. He also has a fascination with serial killers – his bookshelf is filled with biographies on the most heinous murderers of modern times. Joe’s wealthy but straight-laced parents pay the rent on his apartment. They consider his interests to be unhealthy and have arranged for Joe to see a psychiatrist – Dr Laura Carlyon – believing he can be ‘cured’ of these morbid obsessions.

Ironically, however, Joe’s hometown of Clairmont is the location of the country’s latest serial killer. Three local women have been brutally murdered by an attacker dubbed The Scissor Killer.

Having recently watched a TV crime show highlighting the case, Joe finds himself embroiled in the world of The Clairmont Murderer when he witnesses some disturbing behaviour by a stranger. Joe believes he has discovered the identity of The Scissor Killer.

Surveilled is a compelling blend of psychological horror and visceral thriller that will draw you into the world of an unempathic serial killer and a volatile nemesis. A sophisticated and disturbing character study with cutting narrative…

Written by Caroline Spence

James Smith, director
Twitter: @jsmithwriter
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Twitter Chat: #StreetShootingFilm by @jsmithwriter

Please join my TWITTER CHAT!

Date-Time: Wednesday, 22nd November 2017 15:00 pm GMT (10:00 am EST, 07:00 am PST)
Subject: No-budget ‘street shooting’. Radical techniques to create original feature films.

My Twitter handle: @jsmithwriter
HASHTAG: #StreetShootingFilm

Some topics of discussion:

  • Why shoot on no-budget: viability and risk
  • Subsidy and traditional finance v no-budget
  • Innovation and no-budget
  • Today’s UK indie film scene
  • How to shoot on no-budget

For further details of the subject, please also check out my Raya Films blog:
No-Budget thrillers and ‘Street Shooting’


No-budget Filming: #StreetShootingFilm

Over the next few weeks I’ll be tweeting/chatting about ‘street shooting’ feature film techniques with no budget. Do Join in! Follow me on Twitter @jsmithwriter and use the hashtag #StreetShootingFilm

Check out my Raya Films blog post for the topic of discussion.

No-budget feature film #AgentKellyMovie was shot run-and-gun style in London and Spanish cities.

Boats and Drugs

During the writing of Andaluz Blood, I stayed on board a small yacht near Almería and was able to gain an insight into the world of drug smuggling from the Moroccan coast to mainland Spain, a practice which often happens in the dead of night in all manner of craft from sailing yachts and kayaks to motorboats and RIBS (rigid inflatables). The Guardia Civil vessels are on patrol and regularly make seizures, often with force, as illustrated below by the plethora of bullet holes in this motor boat.

Although Andaluz Blood is fictional, many of the encounters faced by the lead protagonist (Charles Hale) and other characters are drawn from news items, accounts from people at the marina, and real seizures (the latest, an 11-tonne haul of hashish).
A walk around the boatyard reveals many boats, some abandoned or wrecked, which I’m sure have interesting stories associated with them.

Extract from ANDALUZ BlOOD
4:07 a.m.

The Guardia vessel – a stealth machine bristling with technology, deployed to track modern-day pirates, immigrants, and drug smugglers – moved into position at the marina tower. Spray and smoke swirled about the decks under the brilliance of its lights, the twin jet turbines churning up the water, turning it to foam. The boat edged into position against Puerto de Santa María’s quay.

Behind, Blue Too rocked gently. Hale idled the engine, waiting for instruction. It soon came as the radio burst into life over the deck speaker: “Blue Too, moor at the tower. Blue Too, moor at the tower.”

Jack acknowledged on the radio handset. Hale brought her about in the damp, the rain having now turned to drizzle. He moved her in closer to the quay, opposite the lights of the marina office, the office that never slept.

Over the years, Hale had often been out on deck at night, unable to sleep on board. Looking west, there was always someone operating the marina tower night and day. Marineros – smoking, bored, looking to pass the hours – hung around waiting for a call. Holidays, fiestas, or normal working days, it made no difference. Vessels were always at sea or visiting the port for some reason.

Dean threw a line from the bow to the marinero ashore while Hale mulled the inevitable question from the authorities:

What was your business at sea tonight, Mr Hale?


James Smith © 2017

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How to increase your actor IMDb STARmeter rating

The IMDb database and STARmeter are often used by industry professionals to assess and select talent, so it’s essential for actors who are serious about their work to have a good profile. Here are some tips on how you can improve your rating:

  1. Have a professional head-shot photo on your profile via IMDbPRO
  2. Be actively involved in film, web, or TV productions and increase your associated credits
  3. Be active on social media, drawing people to your IMDb page
  4. Ensure your IMDb profile is comprehensive, up-to-date, and professionally-written with accompanying images